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Gabriel Durlan

As a writer I believe in creative freedom
As a director I seek meaning through cinematic language 

As a photographer I capture reflections of reality

As an editor I balance between craftsmanship and artistry

As a human I send you my love

I graduated Film Directing at Media University in 2012 and Documentary Filmmaking Master Degree at the

National University of Theater and Film I.L. Caragiale from Bucharest in 2020.


My photographic and video art works were presented at ICR Paris, White Gallery Barcelona, Arcub, Elisabeta Space,

Kube Gallery, Carol 53, Avanpost, Rezidența BRD Scena9 in Bucharest.


My films had been selected at festivals like BIEFF, Sehsüchte ISFF, Cinemaiubit, IPIFF,

BUZZ IFF, Filmul de Piatra, One World Romania, Astra Film Festival.


I am in a continous search for concepts and narrative structures that can generate new forms of cinematic language

in the documentary, fictional, experimental and music video genre.