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1989, April
Born under a lucky star on the 8th at 2:40 AM in Onești , Romania
1996, September
Starts education at the local  “Ghiță Mocanu” middle school

2004, September
Continues education at the hometown college “Grigore C Moisil” focusing on Philology
2007, June
Makes his first attempt in directing , alongside Ștefan Voicu, with the short drama “21-47-582” , screened at Brașov Short Film Festival
2008, August
Participates at Manyfest Timișoara and directs the short film “Balloon”, alongside Brândușa Năstasă, winning the second prize
2008, October
Starts cinema studies in a class conducted by prof. dr. Alexa Visarion at the Film Directing Department of the Media University in Bucharest
2009, February
Directs the short drama “E LIPSĂ”, screened at Cluj International Student Film Festival
2010, June
Receives a Diploma of Honor from the Cultural Association DIALOG for directing the short drama “Varianta 4”
2011, December
Directs the short romance “O dimineață în amurg”, screened at Cinemaiubit 2011
2012, June
Graduates Media University with the short drama “Behind” .
Takes his Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography, Photography, Media at Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca
2012, July
Participates at Brașov 48H Film Festival and directs the short romance “Petals with pedals”, screened at Centrul Cultural Reduta Brașov
2012, November
Completes short documentary portrait “Vodă: the portrait “, screened at Carol 53 in Bucharest
2012, December
Exhibits the abstract photo series “Metamorphosis of appearence” as part of a group exhibition at Carol 53 Bucharest
2013, March
Completes the music video “Ghost of 3.13 – Wonderland is turning to dust”
2013, April
Completes the short documentary portrait “Day off”
2013, May
Completes the music video Flou Rege vs Dj. Al*bu – Alte Clipe

2013, June
Completes two videopoems Les Mots and DSM IV, screened at FIFE and ICR Paris
2013, October
Completes the music video Flou Rege vs Dj. Al*bu – Anima Mundi
2013, November
Completes the craftsman documentary “Mister Perța from Sky Valley ” as part one of “Three on the hill” rural project , screened at The Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest
2013, December
Completes the short drama “Luca”, screened at Palatul Spayer in Bucharest , Cinema Capitol in Onești , Casa Forum in Alba-Iulia
2014, March
Completes the music video “Sibyl&Fransoa – Burned Forest”
2014, September
Completes the silent experimental short “ÎnCerc”, original score composed by Șerban Marcu, screened at Arcub Bucharest, winner of the Innersound New Arts Festival Trophy  
2014, October
Completes the short documentary portrait “Nocturne”
2014, December
Completes the feature lenght documentary “The villages of Căiuți “, screened at Filmul de Luni@Lente Cafe in Bucharest
2014, December
Paricipates at the NISI MASA Experimental Film Workshop and collaborates with Axel Johansson and Agata Mlynczak in the making of the short “Emotional states of boilling an egg”, screened at Cinema Elvire Popesco in Bucharest 
2015, April 
Completes the music video “Al*bu – Adevărul”
2015, May
Completes the short documentary portrait “The hour and the beer, the minute and the thought” 
2015, October
Completes the craftsman documentary “Blacksmith from Albac” as part two of “Three on the hill” rural project, screened at The Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest 
2015, November
Exhibits the photo collage “Cry and Sorrow” as part of the Raw Collective , during “White night of the galleries” at Elisabeta in Bucharest
2016, June
Makes his first commercial short “A moment in Time” for Noah wood watches brand
2016, September 
Completes the music video “Neli feat Keed – O viață nouă” 
2016, December
Completes the short documentary portrait “Julay in July”
2017, February
Completes the music video “AC Leonte-Let it be me”
2017, April
Travels to Mallorca and works for 7 months as a photographer at Martha’s Club in Cala Egos
2017, November
Exhibits a selection of video art works at White Gallery in Barcelona
2018, April
Starts working as a video editor at Travelclick in Bucharest
2018, October 
Exhibits the fine art photo “The Naked Lady” as part of AM Fotografii group during “White night of the galleries” at CUBE in Bucharest
2018, October
Enrolls in the Documentary Filmmaking Master’s Degree at the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest
2018, December
Completes the music video “Mădălina Pavăl – Cată-ți dorule, alt loc !” 
2019, March
Completes the videopoem “Prolapse” , written by Dan Sociu and scored by Cosmin Postolache, screened at Street Delivery Cinema in Bucharest and Filmul de Piatra Camp Edition 
2019. September
Completes the music video “A-C Leonte & Denis – Pray”
2019. October
Completes the music video KABLAT – Running


 2019. November
Completes the music video “A-C Leonte-Remember”

2020. January
Completes the documentary “Flight Plan” as his first work for UNATC.
2020. October
Completes the music video “Artist in Church – Pasărea”
2020. November
Completes the music video “Artist in Church – Green Church”
2020. November
Completes the documentary portrait “Individual Compus” 
2020. December
“Individual Compus” is part of the group exhibition AICI.ACUM at Rezidența BRD Scena 9 in Bucharest


2021. April
“Flight plan” receives a Special Mention for Best Student Indie Producer at Independent Producers International Film Festival


2021. June
Completes the short documentary “FAR”
co-directed with Ana Preda
Made during the workshop “Make a film with a refugee”, organised by UNHCR ROMANIA, ONE WORLD ROMANIA and UNATC. Screened at ONE WORLD ROMANIA 
2021. July
Completes the audiovisual project “Jam Circle” a series of 8 live concerts and interviews meant to document the contemporary jazz scene from Romania
2021. August
Completes the short dance film [ship of fools] produced by Indie Box , co-financed by AFCN. 
 Screened at Arcub Bucharest, Create Dance Festival Craiova, Cultural Center of Câmpina, Voila Mental Disease Hospital Campina, National University of Arts Iași, Moovy Tanzfilmfestival Cologne, Romanian Art Movement Gallery Bucharest,  Cinema Victoria Timișoara

2021. September
[ship of fools] is selected in the Romanian Competition at Bucharest Dance Film Festival
2021. September
 “Flight Plan” is selected in the DocSchool competition at Astra Film Festival in Sibiu
2021. September
 “Flight Plan” wins Best Documentary at Chitilia Film Festival 
2021. October
 Completes the photo and video documentation of the coreographic performance “Spring Tides of an Unspoiled Gird” by Alexandra Bălășoiu
2022. January
Completes the music video “romaN-E timpul”
2022. January
Participates at Art Machine by Pastila Roz
with a series of 100 photo prints named PANORAMIC
2022. March
Serves at editor for the feature film “Young Dictator”, written and directed by Andy Lupu, 
premiered in Cluj-Napoca at Transilvania Film Festival 22
 2022. May
Completes the documentary portrait “Mallorca”
2022. June
Serves as director of photography for the ecovideoperformance “YAGORIA”. Performed by Alina Tofan, Maria Mora, Aygul Cheosep and Răzvan Omotă.
 Screened at Noul Cinematograf al Regizorului Român MȚR, Modul Cărturești, International Ecoperformance Festival Sao Paolo, 
Lacuna Festival Canary Islands, Zero Plus International Film Festival, Festival International de Performance Colombia 
2023. April
Completes the documentary feature “Septima”