The blacksmith from Albac


medium length, documentary, 39 minutes

“The Blacksmith from Albac” is a documentary that meticulously describes the practice of shoeing of both oxen and horses. Over two hundred pairs of oxen once stepped in the blacksmith’s ironmongery, but today only two pairs are in the craftsman care. The old man’s stories build the archaic knowledge thread, inherited from his father and also the decline that this job is facing.

This is the second film from “Three on the hill” which is an audiovisual preservation project of the keepers of certain elements that are part of the national cultural heritage. The search revolves around the profile of the craftsman who is missing apprentices to pass his knowledge gained throughout the years.
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Gabriel Durlan
Valer Crișan
Assistant Producer
Petru Popa
Minu Făcăleț
Sound mixing 
Alex Nechita