Mister Perța from Sky Valley


medium-length, documentary, 43 min

Portraying Constantin Perța, a sculptor from Ceru Bacainiți, Alba Iulia. Having started wood carving from a young age, he developed over 300 models of wooden spoons and various figurative objects. He was also declared Living Human Treasury in 2011 by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

First film from “Three on the hill” which is an audiovisual preservation project of the keepers of certain elements that are part of the national cultural heritage. The search revolves around the profile of the craftsman who is missing apprentices to pass his knowledge gained throughout the years.


Gabriel Durlan
Valer Crișan
Assistant Producer
Sorin Fota
Minu Făcăleț
Sound mixing
Alex Nechita
Color grading
Adrian Stratulat